Hair Analysis Kit

With just a few strands of your hair, we can measure EMF toxicity, deficiencies in vital nutrients, vitality support indicators as well as foods to avoid.

Your hair analysis will provide a detailed Digital Detox, Life Expansion Wellness Report that will release you from genetic limitations and open new wellness performance possibilities. The wellness report illustrates your toxicity levels and what nutrition you are lacking, enabling you to measure your results and progress during your Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition phase.

Included in the kit:

Report Review: 30 minute free consult with an HU Coach

Radiation Pouch for your hair sample
Hair Sample Sheet
Return Envelope

The 30-page Humanity Upgrade Life Expansion & Wellness Report


You will receive your kit in 3 - 5 business days.


Hair Analysis

Read and follow our hair kit instructions, submit your hair sample immediately in the radiation pouch and mail back in the return envelope provided.

Start your Hair Analysis: Immediately


Digital Detox Life Expansion & Wellness Report

Receive your 30 page report within 3-5 business days from submitting hair sample

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