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Our Story


Carmen and Steven came to the products thru personal and family challenges. Recent events motivated them to recommit to their health. They wanted something that would be healthy, fast and effective. The 5-day cellular detox kit along with a combination of other HU wellness products was just what the doctor ordered, and they lost a combined 84 pounds. Steven’s 82-year-old mother lost 13 pounds in two weeks and for the first time in three years can walk up and down steps unassisted. This turned a healthy journey into a mission to help as many people as possible.



Humanity Upgrade takes advantage of the greatest health and longevity breakthroughs in history to deliver you the only solution with predictable results of a healthier, more energetic, leaner version of yourself. Our products are the foundational roadmap to optimal health and are scientifically formulated to enhance your immune system, improve metabolic flexibility, switch on your anti-aging pathways, combat metabolic disease all while losing weight.



Humanity Upgrade is committed to bringing you the most effective and safe products on your personal journey to healthy longevity. Toxicity in the Digital Age is the greatest health threat facing humanity. The “Digital Detox Kit” and our complete line of products are expertly engineered to combat digital age toxicity safely and effectively. Your body has the most powerful healing pathways known to science. Modern society is suppressing these pathways with high calorie, low nutrition addictive foods and 1000’s of environmental toxins. Detox while turning on your antiaging healing pathways. Digital Detox is the most powerful tool you have on your journey to healthy longevity. Start Your Journey today to optimal with Humanity Upgrade!

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