Ideal Weight & Fitness Program

Get in the best shape of your life and perform at your personal best with The HUFit 90 day Ideal Weight & Fitness Program. This program offers a comprehensive dive into health, fitness and the creative/regenerative process. Profound knowledge and personal accountability are key principles in this program. Expansion Mindset is vital to transforming your mental, emotional and physical well-being and essential to permanent predictable success. We have developed a cutting-edge system with our ten daily recreations of conscious awareness. This resource is priceless on your journey to healthy longevity.


– 5-Day Cellular Detox Kit
– Hair Analysis
– Digi Pills
– 26-Page Wellness Report
– Custom Cellular Nutrition
– eBooks
– Educational & Behavior Modification Video Series
– Shopping List
– Recipes
– Customized Nutritional Plan
– 24/7 Coaching
– Lifestyle Tracking App
– Wellness Portal
– Unlimited Acces to HUFit VOD Fitness Studio

The Program
Transform your body with a unique 12-week plan. We start with customized nutrition, based on your epigenetic hair analysis, designed specifically for your ideal weight and fitness goals. At the same time we develop a personalized strength training, cardio program and corrective exercise strategies. Your expert fitness coach will guide you through every step in the process. The program is designed specifically to meet your goals and requirements. A custom exercise plan is essential to your health. Let your coach remove the guesswork, trial and error. Being unsure is normal. A custom plan with an expert coach will ensure that your workouts are unique to your body type, pushes you to your limits and while managing your weight.

HUFit Lifestyle Tracking App & Web Portal
Humanity Upgrade Fit lifestyle and tracking app & web Portal is an interactive platform that keeps us in touch with you and your progress daily. This interactive web portal and app is an amazing and indispensable resource. Everything you need is in one place and at your fingertips. We will be in constant contact and keep you on track. Daily notices, follow-ups, measurements and new resources will keep you focused. You are not in this alone and have an experienced team of experts to help you every step of the way.

Humanity Upgrade Wellness App
All-in-one wellness portal for healthy longevity. Clients have access to all the resources they need on their journey to healthy longevity. Included, are wellness reports, tests, progress tracking, education videos, eBooks, recipes, unlimited fitness VOD and easy access to health & wellness experts.

Health & wellness providers can manage their clients during their wellness alignment program. Easily monitor with proactive, and personalized client engagement, while having immediate access to wellness reports, test, & lifestyle protocols. Have a detailed overview on your clients at your fingertips to improve their health outcomes while navigating them on their journey to optimal health.

All-in-one portal with built-in messaging, file sharing, online meeting, telemedicine capabilities, educational / protocol video uploads, e-sign and more – private, secured and HIPAA compliant. Humanity Upgrade gives clients and providers the best and most efficient on-demand mobile experience designed for the health & wellness industry.